Formerly Around the Block Quilt Shop

About Me

My name is Melissa (MO) and I have a love of all things Needlework! My first love is Counted Cross Stitch, followed closely by the art of Quilting, and then Knitting. There is nothing I love more than trying new things and learning new skills! I don't think there has ever been a craft involving a needle that I did not like! The focus of my store is Counted Cross Stitch, however I will also have Knitting/Crocheting Supplies as well as limited Quilting Supplies. My goal is to offer framing in the future as well.

Fun Facts

After getting married, my husband and I were stationed in Wichita KS with the United States Air Force. Being so far from home and not really knowing what to do, I started looking for a job. I made a friend who's mom just happened to own the Cross Stitch Store Heart's Desire (Wichita KS) and she was kind enough to give me a job. BEST JOB EVER! After the first day, I knew I wanted to own my own Cross Stitch Store! I've always been a crafty person, and have always loved cross stitch specifically, but had NO idea that there were actual stores that specialized in it! Who knew there were thousands of Cross Stitch Designers out there (I didn't)! It was like Christmas when I discovered the different options for overdyed fabrics and floss! So many options that I never knew existed! The only items that I was ever exposed to were the kits (mostly stamped) that you could find at Ben Franklins. That's right, Ben Franklins...I'm from a very small town! Working at Heart's Desire was like a dream. It never felt like work and I looked forward to going to work every single day! Not only did I fall in love with everything Cross Stitch, but the customers all earned a special place in my heart as well. There is something so special about helping someone find that special colored fabric, or helping them switch out those floss colors to make their piece special and unique to them.

When we transfered back to Michigan, I left a little piece of my heart back in Kansas. I still keep in contact with my Heart's Desire family and appreciate all of their support on my new journey. Seeing how there are no Needlework shops near me in Michigan, I decided to take some quilting lessons, to get my craft fix. Oh boy, this opened up a whole new passion for me! I also dabbled in knitting which also became another thing that I love to do. Basically anything with a needle, I love! Since there are no stores close enough for me to work at, I began teaching Zumba. This took off very quickly for me and I actually ended up opening my own fitness studio called MO's Sweat Shop here in Grand Ledge, MI ( I have had my studio for 2 years now. Although I love teaching and love my students...I have always, in the back of my mind, been trying to figure out how to open up my own Needlework Shop. Just when I started giving up hope that it would ever happen, a simple phone call rocked my world! I have found a location large enough to actually keep my fitness studio running AND open my own Needlework store in the same space! I can not tell you how excited I am! Odd combo I know, but I am so excited to be able to live out both of my dreams at once! I am working really hard to get this place open and will begin switching into my new location May 15, 2015! I am working very hard to get the Needlework part of it going so that when I move I will be able to open my Needlework store as quickly as possible. I am chomping at the bit to get in there and get this new adventure started! I do hope you will visit me soon! I will be officially all moved in June 1st and have MO's Sweat Shop up at running full force. I'm not sure how quickly the Needlework shop will open, but I promise you it will be soon after!

September 26, 2016 UPDATE!

Holy Smokes has my life just taken the most unbelieveable turn! Shortly after I hit my one year mark of owning MO's Needle & Thread, I was offered the chance of a lifetime! I am the new proud owner of Around the Block Quilt Shop in Portland, MI! I'm still in a bit of shock. Most of you know that I've always said that I would eventally love to own a Quilt Store, and that dream has become a reality (about 10 years earlier than I had ever dreamed)! Don't worry, I am NOT getting rid of MO's Needle & Thread, or my love of Cross Stitch. I will actually be combining the two businesses into a one stop shop! I will be offering a large selection of Counted Cross Stitch and Quilting Products, Custom framing for your Needlework, Punch Needle and Counted Needlepoint Supplies! I hope you can come check out my new store. It shall not disappoint! For those of you familiar with Around the Block Quilt Shop, never fear, the staff will be remaining the same! Nothing shall change with either business, we are merely combining, and growing! I look forward to sharing this next big adventure with you all!