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Tucker University (STARTING AGAIN in MARCH 2020)

Tucker University Freshman Year

DESCRIPTION:    This is a technique class.  The purpose of each lesson is to teach you how to use and implement Studio 180 Design Tools.  Students will experience the creation of a precise unit that can be applied to most quilt patterns.  Each Tool and Technique provides both left- and right-handed instructions, multiple sizes, and free online tutorial videos.  Units can then be used on most quilt patterns.  Please know that we will not be creating full blocks in class.  Our focus will be on mastering precise units while learning how to combine them in different ways.  We will also be learning how to look at a block, break it down into units, and calculate the different sized units that you would need to create that block.  We will not have time to complete a block in class (remember our focus is on the units).   There will be optional homework with a bonus discount.  (Explained below.)

DATE/TIME:    This is a 13 month program.  Lessons will begin March 24th.  Class will be once a month on the 4th Tuesday of the month 1-4pm or 6-9pm or the 4th Saturday of the month, 1-4pm.  Some adjustments had to be made to accommodate other events.

4th Tuesday












3rd Tues




3/24 2020



5/26 2020

6/23 2020

7/28 2020

8/25 2020

9/22 2020

10/27 2020

11/24 2020

12/15 2020

1/26 2021

2/23 2021

3/23 2021














4th Saturday











5th Sat



3rd Sat






4/25 2020

5/23 2020

6/27 2020

7/25 2020

8/22 2020

9/26 2020

10/31 2020

11/28 2020

12/19 2020

1/23 2021

2/27 2021

3/27 2021

Join at any time, however, be aware that some of the block designs require previous lesson techniques to complete.  I highly recommend starting at the beginning.

SKILL LEVEL:     This is an advanced beginner’s class.  You must be able to sew an accurate ¼” seam.  You must be able to cut accurately.  There is a lot of seam matching.  Accuracy is what our focus will be.

COSTS:     The Class Fee is $25 per class.

Multi-Class Discounts:

 **Pay for 2 classes at the same time, receive your first class for $25 and your second class for $20.   ($5 savings) 

**Pay for 3 or more classes: $25 (first class) + $20 (second class) + $10 (each additional class)   ($20+ savings)

**Pay for the whole year up front, and your 13th class is free.  Total Cost $145.  ($180 savings!) 

 -Each month will require a new ruler.  Ruler costs are listed below in the checklist.  If you purchase the ruler from me, you will receive a 10% discount.  If you are unsure if you want to purchase the ruler, you may rent a ruler for $6.  You will have the option of purchasing the ruler at the end of class.  It is very important for you to notify me of any rulers that you may already own.  Attached is a checklist of the 12 rulers needed to complete the year.  A new ruler is not required for the 13th month.  Please fill the form out and return it ASAP if you plan on participating.

Other costs include a Technique Sheet and a Design Sheet.  These instructions come laminated and punched for a three ring binder.  Cost of each one is $7.89.  Some months require one, others require two.  So that cost will vary per class…$7.89 or $15.78.  These are a requirement of the class and must be purchased from me.

You will receive a list of supplies needed for class as well as fabric requirements.  Fabric is to be used from your stash.  If you plan on making a quilt out of the units that you created in class, you may want to purchase coordinating fabrics.  But the purpose of this class is to learn the tool and practice units, not create full blocks, so you may just want to use up your scraps.

BONUS DISCOUNT:     I thought it might be fun to give you an incentive for doing homework to help master your new skill.  If you pick one block from the technique sheet and bring it completed to the next class, you will receive 15% off the next month’s ruler.  If you pick one block from the technique sheet AND one block from the design sheet and bring the 2 blocks completed to the next class, you will receive 20% off your next month’s ruler.

In summary, each month you will have the class fee, design/technique sheet fee, and optional ruler purchase or rental. 

I’m really excited about this program.  I’ve had so much fun learning many different techniques.  I can see how useful these rulers will be in many different quilts. 

Please call the shop or email me/drop off the completed Checklist below to let us know if you are interested in attending the Tucker University Freshman Year.  517-647-5430

To Register:  Click here to print out form.   PRINT/FILL OUT/RETURN 
Return completed form to MO's Needle and Thread or email it back to me at

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Must be able to sew an accurate 1/4" seam and cut accurately. There is a lot of seam matching!

Tucker University (STARTING AGAIN in MARCH 2020)

$ 25.00
Cost is $25 per class. Call the shop for Multi-Class Discounts! 517-647-5430