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Formerly Around the Block Quilt Shop

Stuff My Stocking Day 1

120 Maple St
Portland, MI 48875

Dear Quilting Friends,

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is coming faster than we can hang our stockings!  We know how hard you have all worked this year, and it's time to treat yourself!  Over the next 12 days you will receive an email with daily deals exclusive to our email customers.  For those that are new to our Stuff My Stocking event, let me explain how it works. 

December 1st through the 12th you will receive an email from me with some fun Notions at a discounted rate to stuff your stocking!  Since we have added Needlework to the shop, I thought it only fair to include not only Quilting Notions, but Needlework Notions as well.  Many can be used with both hobbies.  If you see something you like, simply reply to the email, asking me to add it to your stocking!  You only have 24 hours to reply and claim the daily deal! There is no limit on the amount that you order, so please specify the quantity and color (if that is an option).  We do have a limited amount in stock, but we will try to have items re-ordered and back in stock by the 18th if possible.  If you do not wish to add any of the items, simply do not reply to the email. 

Items will be available for pick up on the 18th.  All items must be paid for by December 31st.  If you can not pick your items up before the 31st, please call the shop with your information so that we may charge it.  I am willing to ship items at your cost.

So now that the logistics are out of the way, let's get to the good stuff.  Time to reveal your Day 1 Deals.

Deal #1:  1" x 6" Omni Grid Ruler + Rip It Away Seam Ripper
Retail $10.58  Sale: $8.46

This 1" x 6" ruler is one of my favorites!  It is small enough to keep in whatever storage system that you use and handy to have right at your fingertips to check your seam allowances!  It's also great for applique, zipper installation, hem marking, aligning, and preventing fabric from rolling when cutting curves.

The Rip it Away is actually two tools in one. The razor blade is protected by a safety feature that protects the fabric (and your fingers) but cuts through threads easily. A plastic cover protects the blade when not in use. Then use the rubberized tip to grab the loose threads and easily remove them from the fabric.

Deal #1X:   Floss-A-Way Bags 100ct
Retail $8.39   Sale $6.71

Forget those pesky cards that we used to wind our threads on.  Not only do they kink our threads over time, but they strain your thread and cause it to wear quicker over time.  And don't forget the time it used to take to wind them.  No thanks!  With these floss bags, you can easily organize your floss and specialty threads. Just simply toss them in and seal!  No more wasted thread as small pieces can now be saved and stored.  Each bag has a space to write your thread color and a hole to place on a metal ring to keep your threads organized for the project at hand. (Rings available to purchase separately.)   These are also great to store beads and treasures.  Bags are 5" x 3" and come 100 per pack.

Remember, you only have 24 hours to reply to this email in order to stuff your stocking!

Happy Shopping!