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Craft Blend 46X36 Batting


Craft Nat. Request Cotton 46x36 Batting


Crib Nat. Request Cotton 60x46 Batting


Double Blend 96X93 Batting


King Blend 122X120 Batting


King Nat. Request Cotton 122x120 Batting


King Nat. Select Cotton 122x120 Batting


King Puff 122X120 Batting


Queen Blend 108X93 Batting


Twin Blend 93X72 Batting


2-1/2in x 25yds strip of Katahdin 100% Cotton Batting


2-1/2in x 50yds strip of Katahdin 100% Cotton Batting


Craft Nat. Select Cotton 46x36 Batting


Craft Poly Select 46x36 Batting


Craft Puff 46X36 Batting


Crib Blend 60X46 Batting


Crib Nat. Select Cotton 60X46 Batting


Crib Poly Select 60X46 Batting


Crib Puff 60X46 Batting


Double Nat. Request Cotton 96x93 Batting


Double Nat. Select Cotton 96x93 Batting


Double Poly Select 96X93 Batting


Double Puff 96X93 Batting




King Poly Select 122X120 Batting


Queen Nat. Request Cotton 108x93 Batting


Queen Nat. Select Cotton 108x93 Batting


Queen Poly Select 108X93 Batting


Queen Puff 108X93 Batting


Soft & Stable 36x58 black


Throw Blend 60X60 Batting


Throw Nat. Request Cotton 60x60 Batting


Throw Nat. Select Cotton 60X60 Batting


Throw Poly Select 60X60 Batting


Throw Puff 60X60 Batting


Twin Nat. Request Cotton 93x72 Batting


Twin Nat. Select Cotton 93X72 Batting


Twin Poly Select 93X72 Batting


Twin Puff 93X72 Batting


Warm & Plush 22" W. 6 oz. batting